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Butterfly Wallet Special Edition


This Special Edition adds stylish touches to the original Butterfly Wallet. Slightly thicker material offers more heft in the hand while the subtle texture provides subtle elegance in the slimmest possible form factor.

Made from long-lasting nylon ripstop fabric, the Butterfly Wallet SE will be your steady companion wherever life may take you. 100% Vegan.

NOTE: These are raw wallets sold with NO HANGTAGS. Quantity extremely limited.

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my_story_new_135pxIn 2007, I wanted to ditch my big heavy leather wallet for something that wouldn’t make my shorts fall off. After searching for months, I finally decided to sew up just what I wanted. The result was the world’s lightest full function tri-fold wallet.

The Butterfly Wallet SE celebrates the vegan lifestyle and 10 years in business with special, slightly thicker and beautifully textured nylon fabric that appeals a broader audience and satisfies all but the most gram conscious back packer or adventure cyclist – pretty much anyone who is looking for the minimum form factor in a fully functional tri-fold wallet.

Mark Winstein

NOTE: These are raw wallets sold with NO HANGTAGS. Quantity extremely limited.


Praise for the original Butterfly Wallet

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100% ripstop nylon, vegan
weighs less than 0.4 ounces (<12 grams)
5mm thick when folded and empty
100% satisfaction guaranteed

16 reviews for Butterfly Wallet Special Edition

  1. Rob (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the regular butterfly wallet for years and love it. Just got the special edition. It’s fantastic! Just enough bigger and sturdier to be an improvement on the original while maintaining the low profile that makes the butterfly wallet the best front pocket wallet available.

  2. Matt coman (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Exactly what I was looking for. Mark is great to deal with. Very fast shipping

  3. Terry (verified owner)

    After carrying my butterfly wallet for many years….even though it was still ‘serviceable’, I thought it wise to find a new one….even made the mistake of trying to replace it with a fine, leather tri-fold wallet….. That leather thing was about the size of a double quarter pounder w/cheese….with bun…. Now usually I’m the guy who rips the tags off pillows which threaten legal action for this act….but my butterfly wallet still had the tag inside which I could just barely make out….which led me to the Urban Ultralight site and my new replacement! Oh happy days! I have not found ANYTHING even close to the simple, spartan design of the Butterfly Wallet. I now have a lifetime supply and a few for friends….

  4. Rick (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Butterfly Wallets for years now, and this SE one is my favorite because it has just a bit more heft when I use it and is still very light and flexible. I have no complaints about the other versions, but I’m really liking this one. I still use my old colorful Butterfly Wallets as backups and for extra shopping and business cards when I travel because they’re super durable and still very usable.

  5. Doug Gerdts (verified owner)

    I just bought two more of the SE version for a very helpful salesperson at a Verizon store. He commented on my wallet and since he was so helpful, I sent him a couple: one for him and one to give to someone else!

  6. johnlongo767 (verified owner)

    Great upgrade! I think Mark added another millimeter of sil nylon or two making it stronger with marginal added bulk. Just wish he’d add some earth tones to his pastels for colors (brown, khaki, OD Green, Gray). I can get a SwissCard in it along with 8 credit cards. Great product that doesn’t oversell – does the job its supposed to do!

  7. Ron Whittaker (verified owner)

    I had my first butterfly wallet for years until it became threadbare. I was disappointed that it was no longer available in black. Then, on a whim I checked back and noticed that it had been “re-booted” in a different fabric. I do not care if it can no longer be claimed to be the “mostest” “bestest” “ultra-lightest” wallet in the world. The design and the lightweight compact nature are the things I care about. Any difference in weight with the heavier ripstop fabric is imperceptible to my hands and from the feel in my pocket. I tried one of those Tyvek wallets in the interrim and it was already showing signs of wear, and my driver’s license was already breaking off one of the corners. I am glad to have the new black butterfly wallet, and look forward to many years of service like the first one.

  8. sath.deva (verified owner)

    I am been using the original for many years and has served me well until it was time for a new wallet. I have looked around for another minimalistic wallet to see what was out there and nothing really came close. I love the fact I can have the wallet in my trouser front pocket and you cant hardly see ( or feel!) it is there but still store everything I want. Great wallet !!! A satisfied customer from UK.

  9. Alan (verified owner)

    I just purchased this ‘special edition’ after many years (at least 3, I think) using the original butterfly. Huge fan of butterfly. This special edition has a subtle difference in texture and does feel more solid in hand, but I do not notice any additional weight/size, in my opinion. I realize the specs aren’t adding too much weight anyway, but its nice to not actually notice any difference after carrying the original all those years. I can also pack quite a bit into these wallets…usually carry 5 or 6 standard bank-type cards, 2 license size cards, 2 laminated insurance cards, and also stick about 5 business cards and replenish when needed. Sturdy, durable…minimal, love it.

  10. Carl Symons (verified owner)

    Butterfly Wallet + front pocket is better than wallet+back pocket+backache. The Special Edition works for me because it feels solid without being noticeably heavier than the Original. Well done. Good luck with your endeavors.

  11. Paul Sevett (verified owner)

    I love my original Butterfly Wallet! Have used it for years now. I really liked the “special edition” and found it to be nice looking with the textured material. I was happy to gift it to my son!! Keep up the good work.

  12. Danny (verified owner)

    This SE is better than the original in my opinion. Being slightly sturdy, it keeps its shape a bit better when I take it out of my pocket, which helps with cards and cash not falling out. In fact, you should make it your mainline, and rename it simply “butterfly wallet”. Make the original ultra-light a special (“fly wallet”?), for the few people who want it that thin and can tell the difference in weight or thickness.
    I only wish it was less of a Model T (r) and came in more than just black. I loved the colorful butterfly wallets.

  13. Donald (verified owner)

    I’ve used the original butterfly wallet since I first heard of it. I gave one to each of my two sons. I carry mine in a front pocket along with the day’s loose change. It was beginning to show some wear. The Special Edition doesn’t seem that much thicker but the increased sturdiness of the rip-stop nylon is a real plus. The wallet handles I.D., license, credit cards, several business cards, & a paper money without creating a bulge. Five stars.

  14. Dave (verified owner)

    Better than original. It feels and looks better. Buy the special edition.

  15. Doug Gerdts (verified owner)

    I’m a longtime fan and user of the original wallet and have given a number of them as gifts. I have to say — I think the SE is an improvement! It’s not noticeable thicker or heavier but I like the texture and slight increase in sturdiness of the this model!

  16. Rob Froio (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough good things about the butterfly wallet. I’ve had “minimalist” wallets for years, but yet they were still bulky, you had to put all your cards into one slot, and they were made of thick materials. By the time you filled them up, they weren’t that minimalist at all.
    The materials that Urban Ultralight uses accomplish that goal. Period.

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