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Ultra Compact Natural Deodorant Balm


This truly tiny deodorant is perfect for travel or stashing in your gym bag, but it’s so pleasant, long lasting, and effective you’ll want to use it every day.

The regular-size tin will easily last three to four months, while the sample size will last several weeks or more! Only a tiny pea sized amount or less is required for each application.

Each variation has a subtle natural aroma from the shea and cocoa butter. The scented versions also include lovely, mild essential oils.

100% Vegan ingredients, not tested on animals

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I discovered this wonderful product in a natural food store while living in a small ski town, and later used it during several extended trips to Asia. It’s one of my favorite vegan, minimalist products – I’ve long wanted to help spread the word! Now you can enjoy it too, wherever you live!

In 2007, the inventor of this deodorant was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer which resulted in deep concerns about the chemicals she put in and on her body. After trying many “natural” deodorants, she was constantly disappointed in their effectiveness, and subsequently stopped using deodorant altogether.

A friend gave her a chemical-free homemade deodorant made entirely of organic ingredients. To her amazement, it actually worked – better, in fact, than the deodorant she had used pre-cancer. She set about perfecting the recipe and started sharing this discovery with friends and family. Soon, a unique deodorant company was born.

Urban Ultralight is proud to bring you this safe, effective, and hard to find product.

Size Comparison to Typical Stick Deodorant

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Unscented, Tea Tree Lavender, Orange Lavender, Pina Colada, Rosemary Sage


1.75 oz., 0.2 oz.


How do I apply the deodorant balm?
Scoop a pea-sized amount or smaller with the back of your finger nail, and massage it gently under your arms (preferably using downward motions to stimulate the lymph system in the underarm region).

Do I need to use a lot?
No, even a small amount works well. Experiment and see what works best for you and use the minimum amount necessary.

Why should I apply the deodorant with my hands?
There are two reasons why it is important to apply deodorant with your hands: (1) to be in regular contact with that area of your body, and (2) massaging it in stimulates the lymphatic system.

Will my hands or underarms be messy after applying?
No, the butters and oils will absorb into your skin, leaving it silky soft.

Is it effective after working out?
Depending upon your body chemistry, the deodorant balm is generally effective all day. If you wish to apply it after a workout, it’s like taking an “instant shower” that neutralizes the odors.

How long will it last?
The full size tin generally lasts about 3-4 months depending upon use. The sample size can last several weeks to a month if you use it sparingly.

Does it work for men?
Yes! In fact. Most people find it works better than the big name-brand deodorants. Men particularly like the Rosemary Sage or Unscented versions.

Will I still sweat?
Yes, and this is a good and natural body function. Antiperspirants work by plugging the sweat ducts with aluminum-based compounds, thereby blocking the natural flow of sweat. This all natural deodorant balm is not an antiperspirant so it does not clog the sweat ducts, and its deodorizing properties neutralize the odor.

Can the deodorant cause a rash?
A few people have reported a rash, which is likely due to baking soda sensitivity. Stop using the deodorant for a while and let the rash go away, then start using a smaller amount again. If the rash returns/persists you may need to discontinue use.

What does “Salubritas” mean?
Salubritas is Latin for good health and wholesomeness!


butyrospermum parkii (shea butter)*, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), theobroma cacao (cocoa butter)*, maranta arundinacea (arrowroot powder)*, cocos nucifera (coconut oil)* mixed tocopherols (vitamin E oil)

* Certified Organic by OTCO

Scented versions also contain essential oils to provide fragrance.

Sizes & Dimensions:

1.75 oz. Full Size Tin – 0.75″ tall x 2.625″ diameter, 2.5 oz. total package weight
0.2 oz. Sample Size – 1.125″ tall x 1.375″ diameter, 0.5 oz. total package weight


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    mspetie (verified owner)

    This stuff really works! I tried both the orange lavender and rosemary sage. The scents are light and pleasant. Also, the packaging is minimal and reusable, a big plus for me. An easy way to carry deodorant in your pack, purse, or at home.

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